What you're about to witness is a collection exquisite digital creations guaranteed to satisfy.

Carefully crafted over years of continous advancement, these milestones in computer entertainment have brought joy to and moved the hearts of people the world over.

Now, it's your turn to appreciate and contemplate this top-drawer phenomenon.


Real talk

This is a quickly put together webzone, made so I could share some of my terrific creations with the world.

Stuff's been made over the years, starting around the second year of highschool (technikum), some of it made for classes, some made for fun. But all of it made with ❤ by me 😉. Most interfaces are in Polish, so be advised. They're pretty easy to figure out anyway, most give you a key that does stuff

Here's some of my junk:

Everything presented as found in my archives, bold stuff actually being kinda good.

Things not be representative of my current programming ability (I'm better now!)

3D Artworks

Coming soon.


Coming soon.